Wooden Flooring on Your Bathroom

The wooden flooring in the bathroom makes for a more comfortable and homey look. That’s because wood floors can basically change the atmosphere of a room to look natural. In the past, people only installed wooden floors for a few spaces, especially bedrooms, now that trend is changing. Right now, many people install wooden decks for the bathroom. There are several tips from our Flooring contractor for choosing a wooden deck for the bathroom so that it is durable and doesn’t look dull quickly.

Choose Wooden Floors That Are Water-Resistant
A wooden deck for the bathroom is not impossible anymore today. The bathroom area, which is always wet with splashing water, still allows us to use the wooden floor. Choose wood that is not resistant to decay, even though it is constantly being splashed by water. Several types of wood are water-resistant. By using these types of wood, your bathroom floor can be durable.

Vary Wooden Floors With Natural Stone
To get a thicker natural tropical style bathroom, vary the wood with natural stone. The placement of these two types of natural materials makes the bathroom look unique. Especially if the bathroom walls are entirely using natural stone, and the floor is using wood.

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