Types of Wood Floors for Your Home

Wooden floors have been a part of the house interior. Unfortunately, there are not many types that can differentiate. Recognize and don’t choose the wrong choice. Especially for those of you who plan to use wooden floors in the house. Wooden floors have another term. Namely parquet flooring. Derived from the word parqueterie, French. A floor that has existed since 1600. It is a collection of pieces of wood that has been pressed, or through other stages, to form pieces and boards, and is ready to be installed as a floor.

The colors are generally brown, dark brown, and light brown. Sometimes when it’s installed, the Hardwood Floor Refinish can display a neat blend of colors and patterns. It also does not require a lot of complicated maintenance.

Here is some wooden floors type:

Unfinished hardwood floor
Unfinished hardwood floor is actually a type of solid wood that has not been finished. It let you arrange pieces and give colors according to your taste. Sometimes, the wooden floors still rough and have an irregular shape. Existing pieces or boards need to be patented to the floor. Once done, it will add some layers of protection. This type of wood floor is perfect for adding warmth to the kitchen.

Finished hardwood floor
Unlike the previous one, the finished hardwood floor has undergone a long process. It is easier for consumers to get wood that has been smooth, sanded, and sealed from the factory. The installation process is not too long. It is suitable for those of you who want to immediately finish the flooring step without having to drag on.

Laminate wood flooring
This type of laminate wood floor is not durable for high humidity. It is made from sawdust compressed through high temperatures. Until finally it has a hard surface and is ready to be the base for the floor surface.

Engineered wood floors
Lastly is the engineered wood floor. Made from real wood. Uniquely, from this original wood layer, the installation is made in layers. Not just a layer or one board. To be precise, engineered wood floors are glued together with several layers of wood underneath. The goal is to make this type of floor have a long life and durability that is more resistant to all challenges.

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