Considerations for Choosing Wooden Floors, So You Don’t Regret

Parquet flooring is a type of wood flooring from a collection of pieces of wood that has been pressed to form pieces or planks that are ready to install on the concrete floor. Parquet material can be solid wood, which consists of 100% original wood such as teak, and can also be processed parquet, or what is often called engineered wood or laminate.

Solid wood parquet installation is generally more complex and requires a special professional Flooring contractor, while processed parquet can be installed by placing, clicking, or gluing. Because it uses wood chips or pieces arranged in a striped board formation. The nuances of this mosaic often give parquet its own beauty.

Because the main material of parquet floors consists of pieces of wood attached together, parquet floors have a geometric and decorative beauty that ordinary wooden planks cannot show. In addition to beautiful looks, parquet can also be painted or finished in different styles.

Parquet does not require a lot of maintenance. In contrast to other types of floors, for example, solid wood that is more able to catch allergens, such as pollen, dust, and pet pests, parquet floors are easy to clean at any time.

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