From then until now, Wood Flooring has never lost its charm. Wooden floors can give your room a warm, intimate, and friendly impression. That is why, although you need a little effort for the maintenance, wood is still preferred as a material for flooring. The allure of wood floors also lies in the wood streaks which give the floor a natural motif. The strokes spread an exotic aura to your house. The color also varies, from light brown to dark brown, without needing to be painted. All of this makes the wood floor very recommended to present a natural impression.

However, the handling of wooden floors is different from tile or ceramic floors. Wooden floors cannot be glued with water. The reason is simple, water is wood’s main enemy. Water can seep into the wood floor and leave the wood floor damp. When the wooden floor is damp, various risks arise. For example, mold, termites, to rotting wooden floors. So, how to maintain and clean the wooden floors?

Lack of fluids
For daily care, just sweep the wooden floor. However, choose a broom that is not made of palm fiber, but a broom made of soft material that can absorb dust without leaving scratches. If any liquid spills on your wooden floor, clean it immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Repeat several times until it is completely dry. In the market, several special products are sold to treat wood, including wooden floors. However, you need to pay attention to the content in it. Make sure there are no harmful chemicals contained in the cleaning products for wooden floors. Actually, you can also use a damp cloth to clean wooden floors. However, make sure the wet cloth has been wrung out first so that the water content is low. Also, make sure the air circulation and the weather is hot so that the floor drying process is faster.

Natural ingredient
As an alternative, you can use materials that are more natural and environmentally friendly. You don’t need to go far, you can find natural ingredients for cleaning wood floors at home. First is olive oil. Olive oil has been known for its function to clean dirt, including on wooden floors. But be careful, using too much olive oil can make the floor slippery. So, pay close attention to the amount of olive oil that you used, and don’t forget to repeat wiping the wooden floors. Another trick is to mix olive oil with vinegar to remove stubborn stains more effectively. You can also use tea. The method of cleaning is similar to cleaning with water. However, rinse the floor with a squeezed wet cloth so that the floor is clean.